Sunday, September 8, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Spring has certainly sprung here down under with temperatures sky-rocketing to the early 30s on Saturday and we were lucky enough to be invited to a 1st Birthday party at Little Manly beach so I busted out Tate's Summer wardrobe!

He wasn't too keen on having many photos taken... I think he knew there'd be cake waiting at the party... but here's a few for your viewing pleasure! 

Outfit by Target, sandals by Clark's. 

Have a good week folks!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Little Man Tate and me had some very special shopping to do yesterday (it's Father's Day in Australia today... nothing like leaving things to the last minute...) and we are also trialling a new daytime nap routine - down to just one at lunch-time now - so I knew comfortable clothes (and snacks) would be necessary to get through a couple of hours at the mall!

This is the outfit I picked:-
- Long-sleeved 'oui' t-shirt by Fox & Finch
- Blue skinny jeans by Best & Less
- Shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi

Pretty cute huh?!

Catch you again soon folks!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Holiday fashion finds... Retro Bambino

I think I have some kind of in-built homing device which leads me to funky kids clothing stores... we hadn't even pulled into the car-park of our apartment on Charles Street in Launceston & I had already spotted, directly across the road, this little beauty called Retro Bambino and what's more they were having a moving sale - I could not wait to get in there...

My chance came later that afternoon after a walk around the city and we were lucky to catch the owner just as she returned from the bank. 

It's such a cute little boutique with a wonderful mixture of clothes and toys and accessories. The range of boys clothes was slightly less than the range for girls (as is always the way) but nevertheless I managed to pick up 3 very warm and stylish pieces for an absolute bargain of a price...

Isn't the duffle coat the sweetest thing?! And the fleece-lined jeans were perfect for the Wintery Launceston weather. 

Here's LMT wearing the coat on day 2 of our hols when we toured around the Tamar Valley - this pic was taken in Grindelwald which is a strange, fake-Swiss village! 

If any of you happen to be in Launceston before October please pay Retro Bambino a visit - you'll be sure to pick up a bargain or two! 

For more pics of Retro Bambino and their wares please visit their Facebook page...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Stylin... from last week!

I forgot to post this but here are some cute pics of Tater Tot on his way out for a play-date with his buddy Joey last weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful and Spring is almost on our doorstep!

- T-shirt by Target
- Skinny jeans by Best and Less
- Boat shoes by Fisher Price @ Big W

This week we've been on holiday in Launceston and although I packed heaps of gorgeous outfits for Tate I've been a bit slack on taking photos of them - oh well, we've had such fun I have no regrets! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Saturday Photo Fail.

Tate didn't fancy having his photo taken on Saturday despite much sweet-talking, cajoling and pleading from Mummy. Luckily his outfit wasn't too special anyway so I let him be after I managed to capture these few photos...


T-shirt by Minti, trousers by Best & Less, Batman hi-tops by Converse, attitude by Tate!

Luckily he cheered up by the time we headed out for a bit of shopping. Here's the little man looking cute in Pottery Barn...

I'll be back again soon with Sunday's outfit and we're off to Tasmania on Wednesday so will be sure to share some of Tate's cold-weather style! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big W Bargains!

Yesterday I went on a very special shopping trip for a very special little girl but I managed to pick up a few bargains for Little Man Tate too and thought I'd share them with you all. 

Big W has a huge sale on at the moment - according to the colour of the sticker stuck over the price tag you can get 40, 50 or even 60% off! If you haven't been already it's well worth a look!!

The sale rails were chaotic to say the least and I almost couldn't be bothered but luckily it was reasonably quiet so I just focused on looking for the hangers with the yellow size 2 on them and persevered. Tate doesn't really need any more clothes for this season so I was very selective in what I picked up although I have been keeping my eye out for warm stuff to take to Tasmania next week. 

Here's what I bought - the 4 items came to approx $25.

Long-sleeved dinosaur playing football t-shirt - Tate is seriously into dinosaurs at the moment!

Love the royal blue of this tee - makes my boy's beautiful eyes stand out even more! 

What a funky shirt for our holiday to Tassie - soft, brushed flannelette to keep LMT warm but trendy too!

This is actually an age 3 jacket but it was $11 and I just couldn't leave it behind!! I'll pack it away for next year. I especially love the pleated detail along either side of the buttons. 

Some pretty cool bargains huh?! 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Although we had no real plans yesterday I'm determined to get good wear out of as much of Tate's Winter wardrobe as I can before the weather starts warming up again! Saying that it was early twenties yesterday so I think my days of cute jumpers, jeans & boots are definitely limited!! 

I decided on this super cute grey marl shirt with a false-underlayer of colourful checked flannel & cute stripey button details. Paired with green jeans and Tate's favourite Thomas the Tank shoes it was a definite winner.

Here are the pics... 

- Shirt by Marks & Spencer
- Jeans by Best & Less
- Shoes by Target

I'll be back with another post about some recent sale purchases soon!