Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: March 2013

This week we hop back to my Birthday month and the first pic is from my celebration lunch with friends and I remember feeling so immensely proud of my perfect, handsome little man - definitely my greatest achievement in my 32 years on this planet! 

Here he is - outfit by Target, shoes by Ralph Lauren...

The next few photos are from a family holiday to Ettalong but Tate was pretty unwell with a virus so looks a little pale (but still cute) in some of them...

Outfit by Mothercare, shoes by Lily & Dan  @ Aldi

Sweatshirt by Best & Less, jeans by Pumpkin Patch (I think!!)

Outfit by Best & Less, shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi

The last photo is one of my all-time favourite outfits and I actually loved it so much I had professional photos done of the little man that day which I might share at some point! 

Outfit by Zara Kids

See you at the weekend everyone! 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Yay! The little man is better and we've had a lovely family weekend enjoying the beautiful Winter sunshine. 

Yesterday we went to the amazing Moscow Circus at Hinkler Park in Manly and Tater Tot was absolutely mesmerized!!

His outfit, this week, was a bit of nod to the new Prince in the UK - with trousers from M&S and a 'London' t-shirt by Gap which was given to Tate by my dear friend Sammy. I wonder if M&S and Gap are good enough for the new Royal Highness?!!

Anyway, enough blabbing from me - here's our boy... I've already credited his outfit apart from the cardigan (by Zara Kids) and shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi so here goes:-

Catch ya later folks! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: February 2013

We're jumping back to February this week and I don't have many pics to share because it seemed to be a month of wearing little clothing - perhaps due to the glorious weather! 

The first is one of my all time faves because it captures Tater Tot's hilarious little personality perfectly - such a fun moment... 

Play-suit by Carters

The next pic is from my attempt to make Tate the next Bonds baby but I couldn't get the shot I wanted so we didn't bother in the end! Cute t-shirt though... 

T-shirt by Bonds, shorts by Mothercare

Hope to back with another post over the weekend & until then stay stylish! 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunday Stylin!

Little Man Tate finally seems to be on the mend although the past couple of weeks of illness have taken their toll and he's looking a bit skinny as you will see from the pics - these jeans are a size 1 and are positively hanging off him. Never fear though - his appetite seems to be improving and I'll chub him up again in no time!

- Long-sleeved t-shirt by The Kidstore, jeans by Best & Less

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Time-hop... ummm... Wednesday! January 2013

I really need to rename this weekly post as clearly I'm not meeting the Tuesday deadline! Today we jump back to the first month of this year and there's just a couple of cute outfits to share, as follows:-

- Polo shirt by Zara Kids, shorts by Kmart, shoes by Ralph Lauren

- Checked shirt & shorts by Mothercare, hat by Dozer

Really hoping the little man will be better by the weekend so we can share his smart new haircut and his cheeky smile! TTFN

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Little Man Tate is out of fashion action

Sorry for no posts as promised, our darling boy is under the weather and not up to wearing anything but a cuddle at the moment - we'll be back in action as soon as he's up to posing!! ;o))

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another slightly belated... Time-hop Tuesday: December 2012

Sorry I'm late again folks and sorry for no posts in-between - I've been up on the Gold Coast visiting some dear friends last weekend and then I returned to full-time work this week so life is hectic to say the least. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon & find some spare time to keep this blog live & kicking!

This week we travel back to December 2012 and the thing that really struck me about these photos is how chubby Tate was back then!! I'll try and post a photo of him this weekend so you can see how much of the baby podge he has lost but it really is quite the transformation!!

Anyway here's the little cutie & some very cheeky poses:-

T-shirt by The Kidstore, jeans with braces by Zara Kids, boots by Converse 

Playsuit by Big W

T-shirt by Marks & Spencer, shorts by Target

And finally - a Christmas party special - t-shirt & shorts by Target, shoes by Volley

I'll definitely be back at the weekend with some Saturday & Sunday Stylin - LMT is getting his hair cut & we have a very special Birthday party to go to on Sunday!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A slightly belated... Time-hop Tuesday: November 2012

November is Tate's Birthday month so our focus was less on fashion and more on fun but there were still a few outfits I'd love to share with you all...

Birthday party outfit: bespoke Elmo onesie from Etsy, shorts by Mothercare, shoes by Volley

Surfer dude: rash suit by Quiksilver 

T-shirt by Best & Less, shorts by Kids Boulevard, sandals by Target

Hope you've enjoyed our brief trip to 2012! xxx