Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tate's Great Mates: Ollie H

I've been dying to share this gorgeous little guy with you all and I spotted that he was wearing a super cute outfit today so I begged his equally gorgeous Mummy Jen to send me some pics and she certainly delivered! 

Ollie had his photo taken at daycare this morning and my oh my he looked super stylish in his smart shirt and vest combo. 

Helps that he is an absolutely beautiful little boy to begin with so paired with this outfit I'm sure you'll agree when you see these pics that he's a knock-out!

Anyway enough blabbering from me, here he is and his outfit is as follows:

- Shirt by Ralph Lauren
- Vest by Sprout
- Jeans by Pumpkin Patch
- Shoes by Nike

Thanks Ollie & Jen xxx

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: June 2012

This time last year we were visiting family and friends in the UK and although we missed Daddy very much we had an absolute whale of a time and boy did we shop?! I ended up pretty much refreshing Tate's wardrobe and left most of what we took over in storage with Nanny & Grandad who kindly offered to bring it out with them when they move back to Oz this year! Let's just hope if and when we have a sibling for Tate it's another boy otherwise I'm going to have to have a mammoth car-boot sale!!!

My favourite stores in the UK were Next, H&M, Zara Kids, Marks & Spencer & Baby Gap and a lot of the outfits you'll see in this week's flashback are purchases I made on the trip. 

I'm actually going to do a post about probably all of the above online stores at some point because most of them have free shipping to Oz now and are very reasonable in price and good quality. More on that at a later date. 

Anyway, enough waffling I'll get on with the photos now. Excuse the decorations but I was recently introduced to an app developed by the blog 'A Beautiful Mess' and it's so much fun for embellishing photos with!

Polo shirt by Next, jeans by unknown (gift) & socks by H&M 

T-shirt by Zara Kids & 3/4 trousers by H&M

Polo shirt by H&M & trousers by Baby Gap

2-piece set (t-shirt & cardigan) by Marks & Spencer & trousers by Baby Gap

T-shirt by Next

Tracksuit by Baby Gap

Hope you've enjoyed our hop back to last Summer! 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super-organised Sunday: the trials of a working Mum!

As most of you know I currently work 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs) and I'm not gonna lie it can be pretty hectic and tiring at times with my day generally starting at 5:45am and getting home somewhere around 5:45pm, traffic-permitting. 

Tater Tot goes to daycare near my office so we face the hellish commute to and from work together each day and if we leave any later than 6:30am we can be stuck in traffic for anything up to 1.5 or even 2 hours!

As we leave the house so early each morning it pays to be super-organised and we are also very blessed to have a super-kind Daddy who takes care of waking, feeding and dressing Tate so I only have to take care of myself. Not sure how I'm gonna manage when he goes away in early June but that's another story. 

To help with the morning routine I have started a Sunday-afternoon ritual of getting Tate's clothes, shoes, bag & coat ready so there's no rushing around picking outfits at the last minute. 

Now it's nearly Winter Tate generally wears the following-

- Nappy pants 
- Sleeveless onesie
- Socks
- Jogging bottoms 
- Long-sleeved t-shirt 

I start by picking out an outfit for each day, like so:-

I then fold them into piles in the order that Tate is dressed:-

I end up with 4 neat piles and add a pair of trainers to the middle. Tate wears the same shoes every day - good quality Clark's trainers which are both comfortable and supportive for the toddler who is constantly on the move:-

I then pack his daycare bag which includes a nappy wallet (in case of emergencies on the commute), a whole change of clothes (list as above), a light Bonds sleeping bag, his bunny comforter, a couple of spare dummies & sometimes a pouch of fruit to liven up his daycare brekkie!

Finally I put out his new fleece hoodie from Coles which is perfect for the cold early morning starts!

I can't tell you how much it helps me to feel at least a little bit organised on a Sunday night even if I'm not the one doing the toddler-wrangling (for now...)!!

I wonder how many other working parents are slightly OCD like me?! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Daddy Read got down the big box of Autumn/Winter clothes I've been stashing on top of Little Man Tate's wardrobe this morning and I had such fun unpacking it and remembering some super cute purchases which will definitely be making an appearance in the coming months! 

You may remember from an earlier post (about one of my favourite online stores that closed down - Baby's Got Style) that I bought this gorgeous blue and white striped t-shirt with an appliquéd tweed owl by Plum (bottom left):-

When I bought it I had an outfit in mind - a good friend of ours Sammy had bought Tate some gorgeous brown tweed trousers with matching braces from H&M during an overseas trip - and I thought I'd try it out today!

As you can see it worked perfectly teamed with LMT's brown desert boots and a sharp side-parting! 

We only went out for coffee and cake and to do the food shopping but Tate had so many admiring looks and charmed the girls at the coffee shop waving and saying hi.

I'll leave you with the pics but I have to say I LOVED dressing my little man in this today!!

Long-sleeved t-shirt by Plum, trousers & braces by H&M, boots by Target.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: May 2012

Sorry I haven't been posting so much recently but I must admit I'm pretty exhausted with stuff going on at work and a hectic social life! This week we travel back to May 2012 which was the start of an epic adventure back to the UK for the weddings of our dear friends Matt & Devina and my best friend Rachael & her lovely man John plus Little Man Tate meeting many of our family and friends for the first time!

I think Tate must have been teething judging by the number of dribble-covered outfits captured in these photos but still very cute nonetheless. 

Here are this week's flashbacks... enjoy!

Long-sleeved t-shirt and beige jeans with flannel lining by Target

Hooded sleeveless vest & white long-sleeved t-shirt by Target, jeans by Cotton On Kids

Long-sleeved t-shirt & trackies by Kmart

Hooded jumper by TU @ Sainsbury's (gift from UK) & velour cord trousers by Sprout @ Myer

Padded gilet by Target, long-sleeved t-shirt by Kmart & navy leggings by Sprout @ Myer

This one made it into the local paper... jeans by Mothercare 

Long-sleeved polo shirt by Target & reindeer chinos by Pumpkin Patch (I think!!)

Hooded jumper by Target & jeans by Mothercare

I'll be back later in the week and in the meantime don't forget I'm looking for mini models for the 'Tate's great mates' feature so please get in touch if you have a budding style guru in the making...

That's it for now folks. Until next time xoxo  

Friday, May 17, 2013

Thursday AND Friday Fashion Fun!

I was lucky enough to have two days at home with my little man Tate this week and two super-fun play dates with his besties Ollie & Joey to boot! 

Yesterday we headed out for lunch followed by a play at Little Rascals in Brookvale. It was quite cold so I chose a long-sleeved t-shirt & jeans combo with a super cute gilet to finish the outfit off. Tate wasn't sure at all about the gilet but my oh my I thought he looked adorable (I know I'm biased!!)

And here's where you can find this outfit:-
- Long-sleeved t-shirt by Milky
- Green skinny jeans by Best & Less
- Green gilet by Seed
- Shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi

Today we thought we'd try out a new play-centre - Wanna Bees Play Town in Frenchs Forest - and I knew it would be a very interactive, running around kinda place so comfort was top of my list when dressing Tater Tot. It was also a little warmer than yesterday so I thought a last wear of one of his short-sleeved t-shirts was definitely in order!

- T-shirt by Cotton On Kids
- Jeans by Kmart
- Shoes by Zara

We hope you've enjoyed this peak into Tater Tot's wardrobe!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: April 2012

April was a busy month for us last year with the beautiful beach wedding of one of my very dearest friends followed by an epic family holiday with the Holfords in Adelaide. 

I don't have many pics to share as the focus was on friends, family & fun more than fashion but here are a few of my favourites:-

Wedding wear:-
- Pale blue linen sailor suit with matching hat by Emile et Rose (gift from family)

Traveling to Adelaide:-
- Long-sleeved bulldog play suit by Baby Gap

Just looking cute:-
- Long-sleeved striped t-shirt by Kmart
- Shorts by Mothercare

Blimey, as much as I love the toddler Tater Tot has become I don't half miss my chubby bubba! 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

We had no real plans this weekend which was kinda nice for a change, especially after working a 5-day week last week (quite a shock to the system for this part-timer), but even a trip to the supermarket warrants a funky outfit in my opinion so here it is... 

- Long-sleeved t-shirt by Zara Kids
- Blue stripe track pants by Milky
- Batman high-tops by Converse

Hope you had a great Monday folks and don't forget to join me tomorrow for some time travel! 

Friday, May 10, 2013

Store Showcase: Target Australia

Today I thought I'd showcase a more accessible store being good old Target or Targé as it is fondly known. I have a love-hate relationship with Target - especially with regards to their range for toddler boys (I used to buy a lot when Tate was a baby) - but it is consistently good for a few of the staples and occasionally brings out an irresistible t-shirt design! I think my main problem is that I like to dress Tate in things that not every 18-month old is wearing which is practically impossible with Target clothes when there is a store in every town!!

The first thing Target is good for, in my humble opinion, is their 'Essentials' range -  particularly the sleeveless onesies which Tate still wears every day because I'm soft and hate to think of my boy getting chilly! At $12 for 3 you really can't go wrong...

Next up on my 'must-have' list are their skinny jeans that come in a kaleidoscope of different colours, they're great quality, a good fit and look cute full-length or rolled up!

Target is also pretty good at putting together ready-to-buy outfits for when you just want a no-hassle option. Here are my 3 favourite picks in store at the moment:-

And finally here's a couple of outfits I've thrown together from their current range which I would certainly dress my little man in!

And here's my Pinterest board which has a few more favourites of mine:-