Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saturday Stylin' - Theatre Chic

Yesterday was a very exciting day indeed - Tate's very first trip to the theatre and what better to see than Elmo's World Tour! Of course a very special Theatre-appropriate outfit was required and I think you'll agree we pulled it off in the grandest of styles... 

This is a peculiar thing to say but I almost felt a bit teary when I came downstairs and saw Little Man Tate in his finery (his Daddy had dressed him for me) - isn't he just perfect?!

The outfit was all by Autograph at Marks and Spencer (UK) aside from the boots by Target. 


That bow-tie!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: October 2012

Another week has passed - where does the time go - and here we are again! 

Looking through these photos I realised how much Tate's face has changed in recent months from that adorable baby chubster to the slightly less chunky toddler version - he's a really little boy now and it makes me strangely miss those baby days. 

Hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I did when I picked them! 

Cardigan by Marks & Spencer, dark blue t-shirt by TU at Sainsbury's, jeans by Best & Less, shoes by Ralph Lauren 

Denim shirt & checked shorts by The Kidstore, white sleeveless onesie by Bonds, brown sandals by Target

Dark blue polo shirt by Zara Kids, vest gift from UK, trousers by H&M

Yellow t-shirt by Zara Kids, shorts bought online from Kids Boulevard - can't remember brand! 

Lock up your daughters t-shirt by Cotton On Kids

Heart-breaker t-shirt by Cotton On Kids, denim cut-offs by Best & Less

'Til next time...

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sunday Stylin!

Not much planned for today - the weather is truly woeful but Daddy is home so a quiet day chilling out & catching up is in order! We did, however, make a brief trip to the supermarket for nappies & other essentials and here is what Tater Tot wore... 

- Jacket & long-sleeved t-shirt by Kmart
- Joggers by Charlie & Me
- Shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi

What a little dude!!

Happy Sunday folks! 

Store Showcase: Gap Kids

Wow it's been a while since I've done one of these posts but today I'm excited to share one of my very favourites with you - Gap Kids. We're lucky enough to have a store in Sydney CBD which I'm sure to visit every time I'm in town but their website is fantastic too and they ship to Australia.

I've had such fun pulling together these outfits from their current range - I wish I could buy the whole lot for Tate to wear next season! I hope you like my choices!!

I've also pinned the pieces individually as a Pinterest board which you can view here...

Here are my picks for all those trendin' toddlers out there:-

Do you like Gap Kids as much as we do?!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: September 2012

It seems like yesterday I was posting last week's Time-hop Tuesday - life is hectic without Daddy around to help - but it's time for our weekly look at Little Man Tate's cute outfits of the past and there are a couple of my favourites here. As usual, I'll let the pics do the talking...

Shirt by H&M, jeans by Pumpkin Patch

T-shirt by Target, skinny jeans by Best & Less

Jacket & joggers by Kmart, shoes by Nike

Polo shirt by Best & Less, trousers by Baby Gap, shoes by Adidas - this has to be one of the best pics of Tate yet!

I'll try and squeeze in a store showcase or another of Tate's Great Mates soon!! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Friday Fashion Fun & Sunday Stylin!

Hi folks - I am loving this colder weather - no more shorts and t-shirts... full outfits with layers and knitwear and denim and boots! Super cuteness alert!! 

On Friday we met friends at a local farmers' market followed by lunch at a local park, a play then a shop. I decided for a layered look for Little Man Tate and centred his outfit around an adorable fox t-shirt bought for him by his ever stylish Auntie Rachie (check out her fabulous blog at I usually mix and match a few different pieces but in the end this worked out to be all from Zara Kids apart from the boots which are from Target. Here are the pics - he's just scrumptious isn't he?! 

Just when you thought he couldn't get any more handsome Sunday came around and we had a lunch date so another spiffy outfit was in order! 

The end of financial year sales are on at the moment and I have picked up some beautiful pieces at bargain basement prices. Here are our latest acquisitions:- 

- Stripey jumper by Big W (in store now)
- Trousers by Sprout @ Myer (in store now)
- Shoes by Lily & Dan @ Aldi 

I hope there won't ever come a day when Tate stops letting me dress him up!!!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: August 2012

Wow we've been busy bunnies over the last week - I nearly forgot to post this! Some great knitwear in this flashback and some great poses too - enjoy!!

Checked shirt & matching vest gift from UK, jeans by Mothercare

Long-sleeved t-shirt by TU at Sainsburys, vest by Target, trousers by H&M, shoes by Adidas

Bobby Dazzler t-shirt by Next & checked shirt gift from UK

Hooded jumper by Target, navy blue coat by Baby Gap, jeans gift from UK

Track suit by Kmart

Stripey t-shirt and jogging bottoms by Kmart (left) + white bird t-shirt by Best & Less, stripey hoodie and jogging bottoms by Kmart

I'll be back with some Friday fashion fun for you at the end of the week and maybe a store showcase too!