Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time-hop Tuesday: July 2012

I had such a giggle when I was sorting out the photos for this week's foray into Tate's wardrobe of the past - this was clearly the time when he became good at 'posing' for Mummy's photos... probably because he was able to sit up without toppling over. 

We were back in Australia after the big UK trip and clearly the weather was cooling down if the checked shirts, jumper and jeans are anything to go by!

Here are the pics - they warmed my heart and made me smile - I hope they have this effect on you too... 

Jumper by Next, trousers gift from UK (unknown store)

T-shirt by Next, jeans by Mothercare (I think!), shoes by Nike 

T-shirt & shirt by Mothercare, trousers by unknown (I've forgotten!)

T-shirt by Next, shirt gift from UK (store unknown), jeans gift from UK (store unknown) & socks by H&M

Coat & t-shirt by Best & Less, trousers by Sprout

See you next time folks!

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