Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Another slightly belated... Time-hop Tuesday: December 2012

Sorry I'm late again folks and sorry for no posts in-between - I've been up on the Gold Coast visiting some dear friends last weekend and then I returned to full-time work this week so life is hectic to say the least. Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon & find some spare time to keep this blog live & kicking!

This week we travel back to December 2012 and the thing that really struck me about these photos is how chubby Tate was back then!! I'll try and post a photo of him this weekend so you can see how much of the baby podge he has lost but it really is quite the transformation!!

Anyway here's the little cutie & some very cheeky poses:-

T-shirt by The Kidstore, jeans with braces by Zara Kids, boots by Converse 

Playsuit by Big W

T-shirt by Marks & Spencer, shorts by Target

And finally - a Christmas party special - t-shirt & shorts by Target, shoes by Volley

I'll definitely be back at the weekend with some Saturday & Sunday Stylin - LMT is getting his hair cut & we have a very special Birthday party to go to on Sunday!!

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