Friday, May 10, 2013

Store Showcase: Target Australia

Today I thought I'd showcase a more accessible store being good old Target or Targé as it is fondly known. I have a love-hate relationship with Target - especially with regards to their range for toddler boys (I used to buy a lot when Tate was a baby) - but it is consistently good for a few of the staples and occasionally brings out an irresistible t-shirt design! I think my main problem is that I like to dress Tate in things that not every 18-month old is wearing which is practically impossible with Target clothes when there is a store in every town!!

The first thing Target is good for, in my humble opinion, is their 'Essentials' range -  particularly the sleeveless onesies which Tate still wears every day because I'm soft and hate to think of my boy getting chilly! At $12 for 3 you really can't go wrong...

Next up on my 'must-have' list are their skinny jeans that come in a kaleidoscope of different colours, they're great quality, a good fit and look cute full-length or rolled up!

Target is also pretty good at putting together ready-to-buy outfits for when you just want a no-hassle option. Here are my 3 favourite picks in store at the moment:-

And finally here's a couple of outfits I've thrown together from their current range which I would certainly dress my little man in!

And here's my Pinterest board which has a few more favourites of mine:-

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