Sunday, May 26, 2013

Super-organised Sunday: the trials of a working Mum!

As most of you know I currently work 4 days a week (Mon-Thurs) and I'm not gonna lie it can be pretty hectic and tiring at times with my day generally starting at 5:45am and getting home somewhere around 5:45pm, traffic-permitting. 

Tater Tot goes to daycare near my office so we face the hellish commute to and from work together each day and if we leave any later than 6:30am we can be stuck in traffic for anything up to 1.5 or even 2 hours!

As we leave the house so early each morning it pays to be super-organised and we are also very blessed to have a super-kind Daddy who takes care of waking, feeding and dressing Tate so I only have to take care of myself. Not sure how I'm gonna manage when he goes away in early June but that's another story. 

To help with the morning routine I have started a Sunday-afternoon ritual of getting Tate's clothes, shoes, bag & coat ready so there's no rushing around picking outfits at the last minute. 

Now it's nearly Winter Tate generally wears the following-

- Nappy pants 
- Sleeveless onesie
- Socks
- Jogging bottoms 
- Long-sleeved t-shirt 

I start by picking out an outfit for each day, like so:-

I then fold them into piles in the order that Tate is dressed:-

I end up with 4 neat piles and add a pair of trainers to the middle. Tate wears the same shoes every day - good quality Clark's trainers which are both comfortable and supportive for the toddler who is constantly on the move:-

I then pack his daycare bag which includes a nappy wallet (in case of emergencies on the commute), a whole change of clothes (list as above), a light Bonds sleeping bag, his bunny comforter, a couple of spare dummies & sometimes a pouch of fruit to liven up his daycare brekkie!

Finally I put out his new fleece hoodie from Coles which is perfect for the cold early morning starts!

I can't tell you how much it helps me to feel at least a little bit organised on a Sunday night even if I'm not the one doing the toddler-wrangling (for now...)!!

I wonder how many other working parents are slightly OCD like me?! 

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