Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday Stylin!

Daddy Read got down the big box of Autumn/Winter clothes I've been stashing on top of Little Man Tate's wardrobe this morning and I had such fun unpacking it and remembering some super cute purchases which will definitely be making an appearance in the coming months! 

You may remember from an earlier post (about one of my favourite online stores that closed down - Baby's Got Style) that I bought this gorgeous blue and white striped t-shirt with an appliqu├ęd tweed owl by Plum (bottom left):-

When I bought it I had an outfit in mind - a good friend of ours Sammy had bought Tate some gorgeous brown tweed trousers with matching braces from H&M during an overseas trip - and I thought I'd try it out today!

As you can see it worked perfectly teamed with LMT's brown desert boots and a sharp side-parting! 

We only went out for coffee and cake and to do the food shopping but Tate had so many admiring looks and charmed the girls at the coffee shop waving and saying hi.

I'll leave you with the pics but I have to say I LOVED dressing my little man in this today!!

Long-sleeved t-shirt by Plum, trousers & braces by H&M, boots by Target.

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