Monday, April 22, 2013

Au revoir Baby's Got Style

When I woke up one early April morning & saw Baby's Got Style's Facebook status declaring a 40-80% sale across the whole site I couldn't navigate there quickly enough! I even shared the great news with a number of other Mummy friends (one of whom is cursing me now for her bank balance). You see, Baby's Got Style is just one of those sites where you frequently visit and lust over their offering for the baby & toddler market - not quite high street, not quite designer, but an all-kinds-of-wonderful in-between - and make a virtual shopping list of stuff you'd really like to buy!

I soon discovered that I wasn't the only one frantically filling my cyber-basket - the site almost crashed with traffic I'm sure of it! I had to practise great self-restraint as Tate's wardrobe is already bursting at the seams so I mostly stocked up on long-sleeved t-shirts which will see him through Autumn/Winter 2013 and also a little into Spring, along with a few treats that I just couldn't resist.

Some items in my basket went out of stock whilst I was shopping and although I was disappointed I was also kind of relieved that my bill was a little less! I placed my order on 12 April and kept looking back at my confirmation email in anticipation of the lovely package to come!

As I've mentioned before I don't work on Fridays but I do have a very good friend at work who keeps me up-to-date with anything interesting that happens in my absence. Imagine my delight last Friday when she sends me an MMS of my Baby's Got Style package - I almost drove all the way into work just to pick it up!

Then... a couple of hours later another message arrives from the same friend - she just saw on her Facebook news feed that Baby's Got Style had just announced they had ceased trading pending the sale of their business... NOOOO!

I do sincerely hope that this wonderful business will be bought by someone who can continue their incredible reputation and pick the same calibre of clothes that they've stocked up until now.

Finally, I can't wait to show you Tate in some of his new togs but for now I'll leave you with a few pictures! A bit of a random mix you might think but I'm already planning how to style each piece with Tate's existing wardrobe... the blue & white stripe t-shirt with appliqu├ęd owl will look fantastic with a pair of brown tweed trousers with matching braces Tate was given as a gift, the white vest I can just see with a crisp pale blue shirt for a special occasion & the sleeping fox singlet - well, I just couldn't pass it by!!


  1. Ooh i love all of this! Baby's got style looks ace - boo that it has now closed!! particularly like bear on the bike and the tank top!! xx

  2. Head over to for a great alternative to Baby's Got Style.