Thursday, April 18, 2013

Daycare dressing for little dudes

Tate goes to daycare 4 days a week which somewhat limits our penchant for trendy toddler togs ("phew" says my husband) but I still try to keep Tate stylish and coordinated whilst remaining practical - cos EVERYTHING gets covered in paint, food, pen, glue, glitter - and comfortable at all times.

I buy most of Tate's daycare clothes from Kmart and Best & Less - that way it really doesn't matter if they get trashed!

For the Summer months Tate wears the following:-

* Sleeveless Bonds or Target onesie
* Short-sleeved t-shirt
* Cotton/jersey shorts with elasticated waist
* Socks
* Trainers - Volleys or, more recently, Clark's

In Winter I swap the short sleeves for long sleeves and the shorts for joggers. I also pack a hoodie in his backpack for those extra-cold days!

I was hoping to share some of my current fave picks from Best & Less and Kmart but their online offerings are pretty poor so instead you'll just have to put up with a picture of my own little model!

T-shirt by Kmart, joggers by Best & Less, trainers by Clark's shoes.

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